Summer Training

Make Summer a Success!

More athletic gains can be made in the summer than in an entire school year. It is important to capitalize on the opportunity to take your athletes to the next level during the summer months which are technically “off-season” and “pre-season.” Summertime presents a unique opportunity for kids to engage in learning, developing and training with a dedicated focus on improvement.

Benefits of Summer Youth Sports Training:

  • You can train harder: training is the primary, rather than secondary, stress to be calculated
  • The best opportunity to learn
  • No or reduced school = No or less academic stress
  • Less social and peer pressure = More focus on self-improvement
  • No or less sport practice/play = Athletic Development as the primary sport
  • Better morale and positive state of mind
  • Longer hours of daylight to enjoy more leisure activities

You can always tell the athletes who worked hard over the summer as they return to practice much better prepared, and with a greater sense of confidence. One great summer training program can make a huge difference in a season for any sport. Of course with any training, there are advantages and challenges, and summer training is no exception.

Challenges of Summer Youth Sports Training:

  • Heat: Teach your kids to hydrate non-stop every day and eat accordingly
  • Time: Be efficient with planning and structure, make the most of what you’ve got
  • Compliance: Encourage your kids with positive motivation
  • Where to Train?: Choices abound but making the right choice is imperative

Many programs we have evaluated as consultants too often use the “herd the cattle theory… lots of kids so just run them and work them hard so the crème rises to the top.” Strategically, this one-dimensional approach results in overstress, taxation and excessive training of specific energy, nerve and muscular systems without safely and effectively developing athletes.   Always ask yourself “Is it HARD, or is it GOOD?” Anyone can implement HARD, but not everyone can do GOOD! The focus should be on improving your athlete’s overall athletic ability by ensuring they are learning, developing and mastering training as they physically perform it. At DX3 that’s what we do!

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