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Injury Management (Part 2 of 2)

As addressed last month, injury can end a players season or simply hurt their effectiveness. Either way it is something we all want to avoid. By understanding how the following issues can affect your athletes and addressing these issues, we can help our athletes stay healthy and performing at their best. Ankles: Tight/short calf muscles…

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Rotational Athlete Development

Proper Training Programs for the Rotational Athlete (ex. baseball, softball, tennis, golf, swimming) Athletic Development and Sports Performance has to be approached from a developmental standpoint based on level, age, gender and purpose. It must be age-safe and age-appropriate. Basic Athletic Development fundamentals remain constant yet there are specific factors to be considered directly related…

Change of Direction

There are two general categories of speed: linear speed and lateral speed. Lateral speed is oftentimes simplified as agility and quickness. A popular term for this is “change of direction” (COD). The ability to start, stop and start again at high speed is a critical factor in an athlete’s ability to put her in the…

Off-Season is Training Season

Off-Season training is the time to really focus on strength and development. Always keep in mind fundamental form and neurological development is more important than allowing poor form in an attempt to make greater gains. Early cognitive understanding with applied physical application will prove to be extremely valuable in the advancement of your off-season program….